We are not prepared for a massive EMP burst

Jazz Shaw Sep 25, 2018 10:41 PM
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End of days

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“The next person who refers to an FBI report as being worth anything, obviously doesn’t understand anything.”

“I witnessed something here today that I never thought I’d witness.”

“…if they want to be able to vote on Friday they had to announce this today.”

“This is a monumental defining moment this week.”

“The driver attempted to leave the accident but was stopped by the reporter.”

“Democratic senators are treading lightly on the claims from Avenatti…”

Untold stories

“People claiming that they had sex with other people was not terribly unusual, and it was not terribly believable.”

“Ocasio-Cortez has shown a gross level of incompetence on the national stage.”

Let us know how that works out for you

Manchin: “These are allegations that are made and they have to come forth and prove their statements.”

“This is a con game being played by the Democrats.”

Let’s make fun of the DC anti-fascists some more

John Sexton Sep 25, 2018 1:01 PM

“You should be embarrassed for existing.”

What is it with these Democrats fabricating their history?

Senate GOP “rattled”?

“Certainly we would be open to that, and that process could take place on Thursday.”

GOP still not breaking through in AZ Senate race

Jazz Shaw Sep 25, 2018 10:41 AM

Going to need to fly higher

“Beto’s way hotter than you, dude!”

Don’t be that guy

“This does not appear to be a done deal.”

Hirono goes the Full Hirono on Kavanaugh

Jazz Shaw Sep 25, 2018 8:01 AM

Never go the Full Hirono

Martha MacCallum interviews Judge Kavanaugh

John Sexton Sep 24, 2018 9:21 PM

“I want a fair process where I can defend my integrity and clear my name as quickly as I can…”

ICYMI, the US-China trade war ramped up today

Ed Morrissey Sep 24, 2018 8:41 PM

“The trade war is now a reality.”

“…the girls from the schools I went to and I were friends.”

Their lips say no, but their silence says yes

Capitalism soaring?

“This is what the so-called Resistance has become: A smear campaign.”

Was it safer online?